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DBX Warranty

DBX Warranty and Return Policy

All the DBX store products have 24 months guarantee.
Return Policy
DBX Store return policies start on the original purchase date and are valid in 6-12 month from the original purchase date, based on the repair parts model.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to distinguish DBX products?
On all merchandize,DBX utilizes a unique warranty stamp. Merchandise without DBX warranty stamp will not be accepted for any exchange.
How do I package the returned merchandise?
Before you return the item, please make sure it clear and in original package. We take no responsibility for items lost or damaged during the return.
What is not covered under DBX Warranty?
1. Merchandise over the warranty period.
2. Merchandise without the DBX unique warranty stamp.
3. Any scratches, cracks, dings or other damages will void the warranty.
4. Product is broken when we receiving the return package.
5. Physical damage or damage caused by incorrect installation and usage. For example this includes LCD corner damage, flex cable broken, connector damage and/or small parts missing.
What to do when receiving defective parts or dead on arrival parts?
*If it looks like the package has been opened or is visibly damaged, please refuse the package from the courier and email us to let us know.
*If you have accepted a damaged package and the products inside are physically damaged or nonfunctioning, please weigh and take pictures to keep for the damage claim. Damage claims must be submitted to service@dbxstore.com within two (2) weeks, so that we can file a claim with the shipment carrier in a timely manner:

What if I order the wrong parts?
Unfortunately, if the incorrect parts are ordered, we will accept a return of the parts however DBX will not be liable for any shipping charges and must charge a 20% restocking fee. The 20% restocking fee only applies to parts ordered incorrectly, not for any other returns.
What if DBX sends me the wrong parts?
If you have received an incorrect item, please take 3 clear photos of the incorrect item with the SKU showing (Item ID). We will verify the error and fix it within one week by offering a full refund or resending the correct parts. If your questions were not mentioned above, please e-mail us:service@dbxstore.com

The Signing Issue for Damaged Parcel

1) The carton seal.

2) The carton box fragile mark.

3) The exterior of carton box.

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